Club de motoneige l'Aiglon de Chute-St-Philippe (751-12)



The Outaouais Snowmobile Club is the outcome of the merger of two clubs, the Éclair Club and the Harfangs de Gatineau Club.

The Outaouais Snowmobile Club was founded in 1965 under the name Papineau Club. Its founding members are: Pat Power, Carol Campeau, Georges Macintosh, Dereck Power, Oackley Kerry, François Leclerc, Ti- Mousse Lafortune and Jacques Sauvé.

In 1974, the clubs located in Gatineau merged with the Papineau, Les Lièvres, Caribous, Road Runners and Castor clubs. Two clubs did not take part in the merger. The Snowrovers were not invited, and the Éclair Club decided not to merge.

The new entity’s name is A.M.V.G. and it’s not until 1977 that the Colombo Snowmobile Club decides to joint the new entity.

In 1989, Gatineau’s Éclair Club merges  with the Poltimore Club.

In 1994, Les Étoiles Snowmobile Club joins the A.M.V.G. Poltimore Club and the new entity is

In 1998, the Snowrovers merge with the Éclair-Politmore Club.

More changes are taking place in 2002. The A.M.V.G. changes its name to Les Harfangs to better promote snowmobiling in the Outaouais.

In 2008, Les Harfangs are merging with the Éclair Club to be called since the Outaouais Snomobile Association.


The Club wants to sincerely thank landowners for their collaboration. Without the rights of way they sign each season, we could go on our sleds and enjoy our leisure. Please respect land owners and stay on the trails. It helps keep our network open for the years to come.


Please purchase to trail pass from your local club. That way, you support your club and help your club maintain a trail network in good shape all winter long. Thank you for your support!

Your Board of Directors.